Travel & Visa Guidance

Information for visitors to the United States and US residents and citizens traveling abroad

To welcome international attendees to APS March and April Meetings and to Division Meetings, APS provides general information and resources about the US visa application process. These resources should be seen as a general guide, as regulations may change, and the most up-to-date and accurate information is available through US government websites.

APS values international collaboration among physicists, as well as diversity and inclusion, and the Society seeks to foster a global physics community to assist scientists in their research and networking through our events and programs.

Travel to the United States

Visa Information
Learn about the visa application process, obtain information about visa interviews, estimate wait times for visa processing, and more.
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Visa Help
What to do if your visa application is delayed and tips to avoid problems.
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Travel from the United States

Traveling Abroad from the United States
Information for US citizens and non-citizens traveling to meetings outside of the United States.
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Visas and Immigration
Learn about APS' advocacy efforts concerning US immigration and visa issues. 
 APS Office of Government Affairs

Meeting Organizers

Organizing an International Meeting in the United States
Learn how to register international meetings with the US Department of State and information to provide to international meeting attendees.
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Historic Support

Support for Improved Visa Policy
APS and the scientific community actions and support to improve US visa policy and promote the free circulation of scientists.
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