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Congressional Visit Days

Advocacy Wins in 2020

Protect OPT Senate Campaign

3,005 advocates (06/20)

Advocates encouraged their Senators to join with their House colleagues in supporting optional practical training (OPT) and urging the Trump Administration not to suspend the program. Through this campaign, over 6,000 letters were sent to Congress by APS members. Ultimately, OPT was not included in the Executive Order in which it was initially rumored to be suspended.

OPT Dear Colleague Letter

543 advocates (05/20)

Advocates urged Republican legislators to sign on to a “Dear Colleague” letter from Rep. Steve Stiver’s (OH-15) in support of protecting optional practical training (OPT) programs in the U.S. Through this campaign, nearly 550 letters were sent to Congress by APS members. 12 members of the House who had been contacted by our advocates signed on to the letter that was delivered to the Administration.

COVID-19 APS Action

998 advocates (04/20)

Advocates encouraged their legislators to read and follow the recommendations laid out by APS President Phil Bucksbaum regarding the scientific community’s recovery from COVID-19. Through this campaign, nearly 3,000 letters were sent to Congress by APS members.

FGSA Action Regarding COVID-19

78 advocates (03/20)

Advocates urged legislators to take action in supporting graduate students during the COVID-19 crisis. Through this campaign, more than 200 letters were sent to Congress and NSF, along with other federal agencies, committed to ensuring that graduate students paid through federal grants could continue to be supported financially during the pandemic.

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