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New APS Ethics Committee Holds Inaugural Meeting

In 2002, the physics community was shocked by two high-profile cases of data fabrication—the Schön scandal and controversy surrounding the discovery of element 118—spurring calls to more effectively confront ethical issues in the practice of physics. Read more

APS News: Impressions from the APS Division of Nuclear Physics Fall Meeting

Letters to the Editor: Sexual Harassment in Physics

Letters to the Editor: Harassment in Physics

We are all complicit in harassment and abuse, Nature, World View, October 1, 2019.

‘Pass the Harasser’ Is Higher Ed’s Worst-Kept Secret. How Can Colleges Stop Doing It?, By Sarah Brown and Katherine Mangan, June 27, 2019

Training Materials

Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science
The Online Ethics Center (OEC) is a resource maintained by the Center for Engineering Ethics and Society (CEES) at the National Academy of Engineering (NAE).

Online Ethics: Computer, Math, and Physical Sciences
Materials relevant to APS audiences.

Ethics Education Library
The Ethics Education Library is a collection of resources for scholars and university administrators interested in developing ethics training and instruction programs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students.

Video: A quick overview of key recommendations suggested by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in it's 2018 report format_pdf.

Case Studies for Discussions in Physics

Bias in Hiring
You are a female physicist applying for a position you want very much at a prestigious, albeit relatively conservative, university. During the interview process, you are asked about whether you have a husband or significant other in the same field.

APS Ethics Case Studies
The APS Ethics Case Studies are a series of case studies on ethical issues that can arise in the course of doing physics research.

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APS Guidelines on Ethics
APS Statements are public policy statements that undergo a meticulous process of draft and review, including receiving comments from APS members, before being voted on by APS Council at one of its semiannual meetings.

APS Ethics Committee
The Ethics Committee (EC) consists of the Past Chair of POPA and a representative from the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics, the Committee on Scientific Publications, the Committee on Minorities, and the Committee on Education. 

Need to Report an Ethics Violation at an APS Meeting?

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