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Nobel Prize in Physics Recognizes Quantum Science Advances
Three APS members received the physics prize for their groundbreaking experiments with quantum entanglement, the phenomenon sometimes known as “spooky action at a distance.”
MICROSCOPE Mission Presents Most Precise Test of General Relativity’s Weak Equivalence Principle
A team of researchers present the most precise test yet of the Weak Equivalence Principle, a key component of the theory of general relativity.
American Physical Society Appoints Rachel Burley Chief Publications Officer
Strategic hire to take the helm of the world’s most influential physics journals
National Academies Committee to Formulate Vision for Particle Physics
A committee of distinguished scientists will meet this week to begin laying out a vision for the future of high-energy physics.

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Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize-winning Research in Physical Review Letters
The Physical Review journals are home to the most Nobel-winning physics papers in the world.

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