APS develops and implements a range of programs that improve physics education, impact policy makers, increase diversity, inform the public about the importance of physics, and reach out to physicists around the world.

Education Programs

Supporting physics educators and improving physics education at all levels.

International Program

Fostering international communication and scientific collaboration across nations.

Honors Programs

Recognizing outstanding achievements in research, education, and public service.

Minority Programs

Promoting the recruitment and inclusion of underrepresented minorities in physics.

Women's Programs

Supporting the recruitment, retention, and career development of women physicists at all levels.

LGBT Programs

Providing greater inclusion, engagement, and representation for LGBT physicists.

Physics Outreach Programs

Sharing the excitement and importance of physics with people of all ages.

Public Affairs

Shaping science policy and connecting physicists with policy makers.

Ethics page image block

Facilitating ethical best practices involving physicists in education, government, and research.

Industrial Programs

Improving the visibility and service to industrial physics.


Stimulating ideas on innovation to address problems in physics and society.

Learn about careers

Helping people discover diverse career possibilities and become effective mentors.