International Affairs

In this era of globalization, international issues cut across essentially all aspects of the APS and physics community.

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International Engagement Around the World

See the APS opportunities, resources, and other helpful information for physicists in your country or region on the APS International Engagement Around the World tool.

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Task Force

Task Force Report

APS launched a Task Force on Expanding International Engagement to examine how the Society could increase its international engagement and better serve its members, the physics community, and society at large. This resulted in a report and recommendations that were adopted by the APS Council of Representatives.

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African Physics Newsletter

African Physics Newsletter

The African Physics Newsletter (APN) is a quarterly, electronic publication about physics in Africa as gathered, and reported by, an Editorial Board of African physicists. It is published by APS.
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Canadian-American-Mexican Graduate Student Physics Conference (CAM 2019)

CAM is a bi-annual conference exclusively planned by and for physics graduate students in North America. It provides students from all physics subdisciplines the opportunity to present their research, build an international network, and develop professional skills. CAM 2019 was held in Sudbury, Canada, July 24-27.
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Reciprocal Member Societies

Reciprocal societies are national physical societies that have signed an agreement with APS to exchange certain membership privileges. APS members may take advantage of the following benefits from reciprocal societies:

  • Submit papers to reciprocal society meetings with the same privileges as the reciprocal society members
  • Register at reciprocal society meetings at member rates
  • Subscribe to reciprocal society publications at member rates.

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